Global Gas Runners: the challenges for April

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The EPM Gas Technologyteam continues to work tirelessly to achieve the sporting challenges that have been set with Global Gas Runners for 2019.

Carlos Marcos participated from 5 to 14 April in the 34th edition of the Marathon des Sables in the Moroccan Desert. His participation in the marathon, one of the toughest races in the world, has resulted in a commendable 119th position among more than 800 participants and number 13 in his category. He also had options to enter the top 100 until the last day of the marathon.

 Carlos who is proud of the result obtained explains:  “I return satisfied with the result, knowing that it is the well-deserved outcome to the trainings and dedication of the last months. There were no injuries, every day I went out to win, although the sun, tiredness and other rivals put me in my place every day.

In addition to the sporting challenge, it has been a unique life experience for him, which is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. Seven days surviving with his own resources, sleeping in haimas in the middle of the desert and sharing food, fire, thirst, hunger, sorrow, sleep, pain and tiredness with the rest of the participants in the race.

Carlos, above all, stressed that the most valuable thing that he takes from the experience is the optimism, perseverance, companionship, joy, satisfaction and the effort to be better day after day..

The race is nothing more than an accumulation of circumstances that forces you to survive in an environment full of hostilities, where you seek a sporting performance that makes the situation even harder. The degree of competitiveness you put into your commitment and individual performance in these conditions is what will make your adventure epic. The time shared with colleagues and other participants is a unique experience of solidarity, very far away from our daily life in the city.

On the other hand, Anna Navarro continues with her personal challenges and during the months of March and April she set three challenges:

  1. To improve in her workouts, mainly in strength and stretching exercises, with the aim of improving her endurance.
  2. To improve the time of the Barcelona Half Marathon by participating in the Sant Cugat Marathon.
  3. To run the first 10km race, in the Salomon Run Barcelona, with slopes and obstacles.

Anna has successfully met all three challenges during these months.

The training is paying off and she is gaining strength in the routines and fast series, finishing five series of 2km at 6 minutes per km.

She participated in the Sant Cugat half marathon and improved her time compared to the previous race, going from 2 hours and 13 minutes to 2 hours and 10 minutes. Small achievements are what motivate you to continue fighting daily to achieve your goals, as Anna defends:  “To personally improve the time by 3 minutes encourages me to continue every day, to get up very early every day and weekends to train or race, I see that effort and willpower has its results.

She also managed to run her first 10km race: the Salomon Run Barcelona. In this race she managed to reduce the time to the finish line by 7 more minutes, finishing it only in 1 hour and 3 minutes. It was also her first circuit with slopes, obstacles and narrow sections with many runners around her, facts that made the challenge difficult.

 Anna already has her next challenges with Global Gas Runners for the next few months in mind: the Mataró half-marathon and 10km of Viladecans mountain. Always with the goal of achieving  her first Marathon at the end of the year.


Susana Jove, in turn, last weekend, 5 May 2019, carried out a 2km open sea crossing marathon  accompanied by her daughter.

 It had rained a lot the day before, causing the water temperature to drop to 15 degrees and increasing the risk of hypothermia. Even the longest crossings were shortened. In spite of all the adversities, Susana managed to finish the race within the scheduled time,  in only 51 minutes..

 For Susana it was an accumulation of new sensations and experiences, far away from the experience of training in a swimming pool. Her next targets are two crossings: one in Begur of 3km and another in Cadaqués of 2.5km in September.

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