Mother stations for the compression of CNG (duct, well, boil off or biogas), gas cooling systems, systems for filling transportation equipment. Gas transport equipment of sizes according to consumption. CNG decompression facilities for all uses: city gate, power generation, industrial use, reinjection in the distribution network. Booster compression installations for CNG stations supplied from CNG.

NGV supply stations supplied from the distribution network, from CNG, biogas or LNG. Service stations for public use in existing or new service stations, served service or self service. Supply stations for private fleets adapted to the operation of each fleet: passenger transport companies, cleaning services, road transport trucks, forklifts,…

LNG satellite plants for the distribution of gas in city gate, industrial uses or power generation. NGV service stations supplied from LNG (LNG and LCNG). Recovery systems for boil-off through CNG. LNG transport by land or sea.

LPG satellite plants / Propane / air for the distribution on city gates, industrial uses or power generation.  Installations.  Propane / air systems interchangeable by natural gas for strategic supplies. LPG supply facilities for vehicular use in service stations. Vapor recovery systems in tanker packing / loading plants

Distribution networks and transportation of natural gas in hight pressure. Regulation and line measurement stations. Compression stations in transport networks.

Installations for the generation of steam, hot air and hot water for industrial processes (food industry, ceramics, cement, paper mills…).