Turnkey construction. We cover all your needs. Directly or through collaborating companies:

  • Earthworks, paving, circulation roads, pedestrian zones, green areas.
  • Civil work. Concrete and metal structure. Foundations, cubetos, walls, racks.
  • Piping. High pressure. Cryogenic installation. Vacuum.
  • Electrical supply in medium and low voltage. Tables of measurement, reactive, general distribution.
  • Control systems, SACDA, remote visualization and automation of facilities.
  • Laying of electrical installations for power, maneuver, control and communications. Facilities in classified area / ATEX.
  • Fire protection facilities. Automatic extinguishing systems. Gas detection, ventilation. Evacuation of smoke. Sectorization of environments.
  • Vertical, horizontal, safety and operational signage.

We also take care of the supply, positioning, assembly and connection and commissioning of your equipment, tanks, pumps, compressors, air coolers, chillers, … We are involved from the first moment in the design process, to adjust the construction needs , transport, positioning and subsequent operation and maintenance.

Custom equipment manufacturing

To carry out the implementation of turnkey, EPM Gas Technology is directly involved in the production process, manufacturing equipment tailored to the needs of the end customers through the company GLOBAL GAS ENERGY group.

Assistance during start-up

EPM Gas Technology provides support services during the construction, selection and equipment specification phase.

Construction selected project

TMB station in Barcelona

It has a fast loading area with 6 filling positions, each one with the capacity to load a bus in periods of close to 3 minutes.

The loading of the vehicles is carried out by the staff of the garage, using the same streets as diesel vehicles and simultaneously loading them, cleaning the interior and downloading data.

Customized solutions

We offer highly efficient solutions in all those projects that require specific development, especially those that are large and of a certain complexity.

Our Expertise

More than 18 years of experience gained in the development of large and important projects in the gas industry, allow us to offer a consolidated expertise and quality in all types of solutions tailored to gas applications.

Efficient innovation

Our working methods are based on innovation in all the projects carried out, through methodologies that help our clients achieve their objectives in an effective and competitive way. Our developments are pure technology.