EPM Gas Technology offers training and support services to all those companies that require it in the field of operation and maintenance of gas installations through our company GAS HELP SERVICES. The experience acquired over the years has allowed us to acquire a great KNOW & HOW to carry out personalized technical training.

Our mission is to offer a fully customized training to ensure the optimal maintenance and operation of the equipment, through a highly qualified technical team.

Customized solutions

EPM Gas Technology offers customized courses and training for each installation in order to adapt it to the needs of the client.

Qualified staff

The training given by EPM Gas Technology is always provided by highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the sector.

Acquired knowledge

Thanks to the experience accumulated over years of operation and maintenance, the staff of EPM Gas Technology is able not only to train, but also to transmit the knowledge acquired over the years.

Outstanding Training Project

Mother station CNG ASHDOD

The personnel of the facilities is trained:

  • Training / information for plant personnel not involved in the operation (general information and safety).
  • Training of operating personnel. Information about the station, operation of the station (theory and practice), security.
  • Training of maintenance personnel. Description of the installation, equipment and facilities. Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Work procedures in case of breakdown. Basic maintenance operations. Security.

Customized solutions

We offer highly efficient solutions in all those projects that require a specific development, especially those that are large and of a certain complexity.

Our expertise

More than 18 years of experience gained in the development of large and important projects in the gas industry, allow us to offer a consolidated expertise and quality in all types of solutions tailored to gas applications.

Efficient innovation

Our working methods are based on innovation in all the projects carried out, through methodologies that help our clients achieve their objectives in an effective and competitive way. Our developments are pure technology.