EPM Gas Technology offers spare parts services in equipment and components, buying globally for all associated companies, obtaining more competitive prices in equipment and components of the sector through the company of the GAS HELP SERVICES group. 

EPM Gas Technology has commercial relationships with all equipment manufacturers and has access to all types of spare parts, establishing strategic agreements and representation with various suppliers to meet the needs of specific markets in each case regardless of their potential representative companies .  

Our commitment is always to obtain the best prices for our associated companies, making the direct sale only to them. High quality, quick answers, fast deliveries and highly qualified personnel are some of the features we offer. Our customers can order spare parts by contacting our offices.

High quality spare parts

The experience acquired over the years has allowed us to develop an extensive network of renowned manufacturers that can provide high quality parts necessary for the maintenance, operation and repair of gas installations.

Customized service

Our mission is to offer a totally personalized service to ensure the optimal maintenance of the equipment.

Highly qualified team

High quality, quick answers, fast deliveries and highly qualified personnel are some of the features we offer.

Specialized software

EPM Gas Technology has its own software, which allows the maintenance management of the facilities in a computerized way and allows both the maintainer and the owner to obtain components, maintenance kits and spare parts for the equipment. Likewise, generic pieces common in all the installations of the sector can be acquired through said software.

Standart spare parts

The engineering and construction processes at EPM Gas Technology are made from the point of view of standardization. The selection of parts and components is made based on reference lists that we call standard in order to reduce the number of spare parts in our warehouses and ensure the availability of the most widely used.

Spare Parts kits

Scheduled maintenance operations are attended with replacement kits that include all the necessary parts to carry out an intervention in a specific equipment and facility. The kit is supplied together with the procedures of the work to be carried out.

Outstanding Spare parts Project


Spare parts are supplied from Gas Help Services according to the following criteria:

  • Kits for scheduled maintenance interventions.
  • Original spare parts through our selection windows, tailor-made for each installation.
  • Generics. All those components commonly used in the facilities: valves, supports, fittings, instruments, connectors, flexible … and that can be found through our store.
  • Non-standard. Everything you need and can not find through normal channels.

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Customized solutions

We offer highly efficient solutions in all those projects that require specific development, especially those that are large and of a certain complexity.

Our expertise

More than 18 years of experience gained in the development of large and important projects in the gas industry, allow us to offer a consolidated expertise and quality in all types of solutions tailored to gas applications.

Efficient innovation

Our working methods are based on innovation in all the projects carried out, through methodologies that help our clients achieve their objectives in an effective and competitive way. Our developments are pure technology.