From EPM Gas Technology we offer customized solutions. We design, build “keys in hand”, and maintain at all risk, always according to the needs of the client. 

Each project and each client requires a particular solution, which is analyzed in the initial project phase, in search of the best quality services, reduction of investment costs, improvement in time and operation and financing costs.

Outstanding Solutions Project


The client needs to serve a fleet of CNG buses in the town of Chiclayo, where there is no gas distribution network. 

  • The station is supplied with CNG from the oil wells of Talara.
  • The gas is transported in trucks, covering a distance of approximately 400 km.
  • A daughter station is built with two booster units that provide a constant filling flow by decompressing the transport trucks in 3 sectors. The station allows the filling of light and heavy vehicles in short periods of time.

Customized solutions

We offer highly efficient solutions in all those projects that require specific development, especially those that are large and of a certain complexity.

Our expertise

More than 18 years of experience gained in the development of large and important projects in the gas industry, allow us to offer a consolidated expertise and quality in all types of solutions tailored to gas applications.

Efficient innovation

Our working methods are based on innovation in all the projects carried out, through methodologies that help our clients achieve their objectives in an effective and competitive way. Our developments are pure technology.