EPM Gas Technology

EPM Gas Technology® is a business group who works around the world in projects related to Gas sector.

Our Services

EPM Gas Technology provides its services through associated companies:

EPM Gas Technology - Servicios - Ingenieria

EPM Gas Technology develops engineering projects ranging from the conception phase to the engineering operation, through the specifications of equipment, materials, and supervision of work.

EPM Gas Technology - Servicios - Construcción

EPM Gas Technology builds facilities under turnkey, fully adapted to the needs of their customers.

EPM Gas Technology - Servicios - Mantenimiento

EPM Gas Technology keeps its customers facilities ensuring the continuity and the proper functioning of the operation. It has assistance services with 24/24 urgent intervention services, telephone support services, helps the diagnosis and a wide network of collaborators.

Business Areas

EPM Gas Technology - Divisiones - Energía

Compressed Natural Gas, Natural Gas Vehicles, Liquefied Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gases, Natural Gas Distribution, Vapor Recovery, … We have extensive experience, especially in the NGV / CNG sector.

EPM Gas Technology - Divisiones - Industrial

Industrial use of gases within inertization processes, oxidation, reduction, hydrogenation. Especially the use of air gases in pressurized and liquefied systems.

EPM Gas Technology - Servicios - Flare Gas

Use of the flare gas from oil platforms for power generation, industrial use, city gates or as fuel for vehicles.

Selected Projects


We not only create engineering projects and materialize them, we provide the energy that mobilizes corporate entities and entire communities. Learn a little more about these.

Work with us

Do you want to work with us? You have the opportunity to develop professionally in a pioneer company in the gas market. We are looking for enthusiastic and committed people. People with vocation of service, which motivates teamwork.