R & D

At EPM Gas Technology we are constantly attentive to the innovation and opportunities offered by new technologies.

We are restless regarding the environmental and energy sustainability challenges that are presented to us.

Currently in our sights we have H2, CO2 and BIOGAS.

From the observatory some opportunities appear, which deserve further analysis and knowledge before determining their technical / productive / operational viability.

In the research area, these opportunities are explored. This situation allows us to accumulate know-how that in many circumstances turns into competitive advantages.

Currently the research area is working on the production of green H2 and the production of synthetic methane from CO2.

In the development area, manufacturing / production / operational processes are developed for those lines of research that have matured and are considered viable for commercialization.

Depending on the project, prototypes are built and tested in our workshops.

During the development phase, costs, performance, commercial information (targets / marketing) and maintenance processes are optimized.