New NGV station in Mataró

Details of the article

The EPM Gas Technology group has inaugurated a new NGV station in Mataró, in the Hortes del Camí Ral industrial estate. This is a flat asphalted plot, located in an industrial area intended for the supply of conventional liquid fuels, without impediments for the installation of a CNG compression system, which has been built taking advantage of a space at the gas station that was in disuse.

 This is an unattended charging station, which must operate on a self-service basis and has a bank card payment system. The CNG (Compressed Natural gas) service station has a double-sided dispenser (two hoses on the same dispenser).

The operation is similar to that of a conventional liquid fuel station. When the vehicle arrives at the station, it will be positioned in the area marked for refuelling, its driver will be identified through a payment card and once enabled, the driver will be able to carry out the refuelling.

The system has compression equipment with a 170 Nm3/h flow and a suction of 3 bar, a storage block for bottles with a total capacity of 1,110 litres at which the storage working pressure is 250 bar and a dispenser with NGV-1type load connectors.

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