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Since 1999, EPM has evolved into a pioneer in the sector with an international presence.

The began of the company starts at 50 Pavia Street in Barcelona, ​​in the Sants neighborhood. In the first years EPM had little staff, and this was of a technical profile (most of them engineers), not having a direct staff that executed the works or did the maintenance of the facilities. So initially EPM only carried out works of Design, Engineering and Construction Management of the facilities.

Gradually, the demands in the NGV sector were increased, and therefore the company also grew and workers were incorporated to perform maintenance and new facilities.

Next, we review the first installations that were made in EPM, in which the engineering and control of the works were the fundamental parts.

ETM Madrid – Madrid 2000

This installation has been growing over the years. EPM carried out the works of Design, Construction Project and Technical Management, in which the execution control of the works was done.

Initially, EMT Madrid only had loading positions in parking, and one of the first jobs to be carried out was the expansion of this parking area, so new compressors and storage bottles were also installed, and a filling sequence was designed in parking.

After a few years the great efficiency and viability of gas buses in Madrid, EMT opted for fast loading where EPM already designed and executed the work with the company’s own workers.

TMB – Barcelona 2001

TMB proposed from the beginning an implementation of CNG vehicles in phases, where the number of gas vehicles was growing gradually.

It was in the first phase of execution of this station when EPM had a great involvement in this project, advising all the parties involved. EPM also carried out in this case both the engineering and the executive control of the work.

Hydrogen Station – Barcelona 2002

The Hydrogen Station was an installation that was planned in I+D mode. It was part of a project that was developed in Europe in several cities, to see how you could work with vehicles that used hydrogen as fuel.

The experience in this project was very high value and EPM contributed its knowledge in the sector to develop the hydrogen site in Barcelona.

EPM currently has projects in the gas sector that extend throughout the Spanish territory and that cross borders, across Europe and America

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