A tribute to the most veteran EPM Gas Technology workers

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Throughout all these years, EPM Gas Technology is proud to keep the first workers of the company.

If we go back 20 years ago, Carlos Marcos, founder of EPM, placed his trust in Neus Pascual and Raúl Cámara, the company’s first workers. In the beginning they had a multidisciplinary position in the first offices in Viladomat and thanks to the effort and enthusiasm of the small staff the project was taking shape. Since the EPM staff was increasing, they decided to move to the current offices, in Badalona.

Later in 2004, Joan Pascual joined the team as a maintainer on the weekends of CNG stations and a year later he joined the workforce in the current offices. After the change of position of Joan, which he promoted, they hired Santiago Bayona to replace him as a team leader at the station. Due to the increase in work they also hired Jessica Sánchez to be part of the administration staff.

The EPM business was consolidated and since they had had a presence in Madrid, in 2005 they decided to create a new work center. There they began to work in staff, David Paredes, Carlos Novo as operators and Fernando J. Martínez as a technician within the Team Center.

Between 2010 and 2015, EPM jumped into new international markets such as Perú and Colombia and in order to meet the new needs of the international market, the workforce began to augment, until the 51 workers working in the present.

At the moment the first workers of EPM have obtained the following labor projection within the company:

  • Neus Pascual: Project Manager
  • Raúl Cámara: Engineering Manager EPM Spain.
  • Juan Faja: Attached to EPM engineering management in Spain. 
  • Jessica Sánchez: An essential piece in the administration department.
  • Joan Pascual: Head of the electrical department at EPM Spain and France. 
  • Santiago Bayona: Team Leader of EPM Levante and Catalonia. 
  • David Paredes: Team Leader of EPM Madrid. 
  • Carlos Novo: Equipment Maintenance Technician
  • Fernando J. Martínez: Project Manager

EPM has been evolving, learning and growing along with its first workers for 20 years. The company wants to congratulate the work done, it would not be the same without the commitment and effort of each worker.

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