Self-service station – Vénissieux

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Another novelty in 2017 was the construction of the stationlocated in Vénisseieux, in France, which was opened in September. This 24h private self-service station ENDESA´s was created especially to give service to waste collection trucks of the company PIZZORNO, based in the same locality.

The station has two fast filling post distributed between two islands. In total, the pumps are designed to serve service to four filling tracks. It also includes a propietary system (FOM) for identifying users and enabling dispensers by card. It is designed to serve more than 40 heavy vehicles per day.

The compression facility has been configured with a TEXAS type, with special RF-90 insulation that allows installation in areas closer to the property boundaries. The system has two water-cooled compressors of 110 kW each with a combined flow rate of 1100 m3(n)/h at 4 bars. In addition, the system has a storage with a total capacity of 3200 L at 250 bars, which is divided into three levels to ensure fast filling.

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