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This legal notice (the “Legal Notice” from now on) governs the use of the information service on Website “www.epmgastech.com” (the “Website” from now on) that the private company GLOBAL GAS TECHNOLOGY, SA (” EPM Gas Technology® ” from now on) makes available to Internet users for their personal and free use.

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Address: Calle de la Mora 52, 08918 Badalona – Barcelona.
VAT no: A65257198
Contact tel. no: +34 93.424.53.56
Contact fax number: +34 93.325.07.16
Email contact address: info@epmgastech.com





Use of the www.epmoperaciones.es website confers the status of user (the “User” from now on) of the latter and involves full, unreserved acceptance of each and every provision included in this Legal Notice in the version published by EPM Gas Technology® at the very time the user accesses this Website.

As a result, access to the Website confers the status of user on those gaining access, agreeing to use the Website and its services and contents without infringing current legislation, good faith, generally accepted uses and public order.

EPM Gas Technology®. reserves the right to prohibit or prevent access to the Website to users who do not comply with the agreement.

Website use is the sole responsibility of Users, EPM Gas Technology® not being liable at any time for any damages that may be caused to user computer systems as a result of access, use or incorrect utilization of Website contents.

EPM Gas Technology® informs you that access and use of the www.epmoperaciones.es Website and any subdomains and directories included on it, as well as any services that may be obtained through it, are subject to the terms provided in this Legal Notice. If therefore you do not agree with the considerations outlined in this notice, please do not use the Website, since any use of the latter or the services included on it will involve acceptance of the legal terms outlined in this text.

The aim of the Website is to promote activities and services performed by EPM Gas Technology®, and the main purpose of the information contained on it is to inform the User about these services offered, solely representing, where applicable, an invitation to treat, but never a binding offer. All the products and services contained on the Portal are provided by EPM Gas Technology®.

EPM Gas Technology® may unilaterally modify the website structure and design without any prior warning, as well as the information contained therein and the conditions of access or use of the latter. Website contents are updated every month and, due to the fact that information is not immediately updated, we suggest that you should always check the applicability and accuracy of the information contained on the Website, since in the event of any discrepancies existing between documents officially published by EPM Gas Technology® in paper form and the electronic version published on this website, the version in paper form officially published by EPM Gas Technology® will take priority.

EPM Gas Technology® does not ensure the inexistence of errors in access to its Website or its contents. Nor does it take responsibility for the veracity of contents on other Websites it may refer to for purely information purposes.

Obligation to use the Website and its Contents correctly


The user agrees to use the Website and its Contents made available to Users on the Website in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice and other notices, rules of use and instructions they are informed of, as well as with generally accepted ethics and good practices and public order. The User will to that effect refrain from using any of the Contents for illegal aims or purposes prohibited in this Legal Notice that could injure the rights and interests of third parties, or which could in any way harm, render ineffective, overload, damage or prevent the normal use of the Website, computer equipment or documents, files and any types of contents stored in any computer equipment (“hacking” or “software piracy”) owned by EPM Gas Technology®, other users or any Internet users (hardware and software).

EPM Gas Technology® reserves the right to take the relevant legal action against users who violate or infringe the agreements indicated in the paragraph above.

Links or hyperlinks


EPM Gas Technology® may possibly provide you with access to other Websites we consider to be of interest to you. The sole aim of these links is to facilitate searches on the Internet for resources that may be of interest to you. These sites do not however belong to EPM Gas Technology®, and EPM Gas Technology® does not check their contents and cannot therefore take any responsibility for them, for the functioning of linked websites or any possible damages that may be caused from access or use of the latter.



EPM Gas Technology® specifically prohibits third parties from framing or using any other devices that alter the design, original configuration or contents of our Website.



EPM Gas Technology® complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679)  regarding personal data protection.



Both the Website design and its source codes, as well as the logos, trademarks, drawings, models and other distinguishing signs that appear on, it belong to EPM Gas Technology® and/or authorised organizations and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.

Website contents are also protected by intellectual property rights owned by EPM Gas Technology® or third parties. Their use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, availability, conversion or any other similar or related activity is totally prohibited, unless specifically permitted by EPM Gas Technology®.

EPM Gas Technology® is also the owner of the industrial property rights for its products and services, and particularly those relating to the” EPM Gas Technology® ” registered trademark.

EPM Gas Technology® reserves the right to take the corresponding legal action against Users who violate or infringe its intellectual and/or property rights.



Use of the Website: access to the Website and the proper use of the information contained on it are the responsibility of whoever performs these actions, EPM Gas Technology® not being liable for any incorrect, illegal or negligent use by the user.

Use of contents

EPM Gas Technology® provides all Website contents in good faith and will make every effort to ensure they are permanently up to date and applicable; EPM Gas Technology® does not however accept any liability at all with respect to use or access by users beyond the intended scope of the website, final responsibility for which will correspond to the user at all times. Any User acting against the image, good name or reputation of EPM Gas Technology®, as well as anyone who uses Website designs, trademarks, logos or contents illegally or fraudulently will be liable to EPM Gas Technology® for their actions. The User shall therefore refrain from obtaining or trying to obtain information, logos, tones, images, drawings, trademarks, multimedia items, programmes, applications, audio files, audiovisual elements and any other audio and/or graphic materials accessible through the Website by using mechanisms other than those indicated in this Legal Notice and on the Website.



EPM Gas Technology® agrees to apply all necessary measures to try to assure Users that its Portal is free from viruses, worms, Trojans and similar elements. These measures are not foolproof however and EPM Gas Technology® cannot therefore fully guarantee the total absence of these harmful elements. EPM Gas Technology® will not as a result be liable for any damages that the above may cause the User.


Technological faults

EPM Gas Technology® will make every effort to ensure the Website does not suffer any interruptions, but it cannot ensure the absence of technological faults or the permanent availability of the Website and it does not in consequence accept any liability at all for damages that may be caused by a lack of availability or any access faults brought about by disconnections, failures or network overloads and crashes not attributable to EPM Gas Technology®.




Spanish law will be applicable in the event of any dispute or conflict in interpreting the terms of this Legal Notice, or any subjects relating to services on this Website.